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Sage Ridge Gym

This 24,169 sq ft gym utilizes a Butler Manufacturing Pre-Manufactured Steel Building, designed and built by Montane Building Group. Located at 2545 Crossbow Ct, Reno, Nevada on the same site as Sage Ridge School, the gym allows Sage Ridge the opportunity to host basketball games, volleyball games and P.E. classes. In addition, Sage Ridge school is able to host tournaments and school assemblies.

This client required a 135 foot clear span. This is very hard to achieve, cost effectively, with conventional construction. When a column-free interior floor space is required, a PEMB is the most efficient way of accomplishing this. More than just four walls and a roof, a pre-engineered metal building, PEMB, is a structure that is built using a structural steel framing system specifically engineered to fit the project requirements. There are many options in regard to architectural detail or finish materials that enable an aesthetically pleasing appearance, consistent with that of conventional construction, all without compromising on speed and cost-efficiency.

Butler MR-24 Roofing with Extra Tall Clips was used. This PEMB provided a column-free interior space that is well insulated with insulated wall panels and a true, thermal broken, R-30 roof insulation under a lifetime metal roof system.

Generally PEMB structures are 30% lighter and cost 40% less than conventional construction. With lower costs and speedier construction times, one might think PEMB’s must all look like boring uninspired squares. On the contrary, this building option offers the ability to combine and select components to create framing, wall, roof, and other specialized design options to create a customized structure. With various colors, textures, and shapes to choose from, the options for these components and how they can work together enables designers to create something truly unique.

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