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Great Western Foils

Originally based in southern California, Great Western Foils decided to relocate its headquarters to northern Nevada. The project was completed in a timely manner of 11 months to ensure their move from southern California. Great Western Foils specializes in hot stamping foil and offers over 500 customizable products. The project consisted of mass grading, site utilities and site work for the construction of a 25,000 square foot Butler Manufacturing metal building, followed by a 3,700 square foot office space. The metal building features insulated wall panels and masonry. The roof has an entire R-rating of 30 and the walls have a rating of 24, which are atypical for a warehouse. While the building was being completed, Montane Building Group was also building out of a 3,582 square foot tenant improvement.

This client required a 135 foot clear span. This is very hard to achieve, cost effectively, with conventional construction. When a column-free interior floor space is required, a PEMB is the most efficient way of accomplishing this.

While there are significant benefits associated with working with a metal building system, the most appealing is the tremendous time savings that is represented when compared to conventional construction methods. Additionally, the time that the design flexibility process takes in a conventional construction project can be significantly reduced because these structures are created using standardized components that work together seamlessly to allow greater flexibility and customization. These details make this warehouse more than a building but a very comfortable place to work for their staff and employees. Butler MR-24 Roofing with Extra Tall Clips was used. This PEMB provides a column-free interior space that is well insulated with insulated wall panels and a true, thermal broken, R-30 roof insulation under a lifetime metal roof system.

The use of PEMB allows construction time and material costs to be more predictable. Because PEMB components are manufactured and shipped from a controlled site, there is less labor and human error costs to factor in. Generally PEMB structures are 30% lighter and cost 40% less than conventional construction. The building is one of many unique projects for Montane Building Group utilizing Butler Manufacturing, enabling the design of an industrial metal building to include numerous architectural details and systems.

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